We started as a project together with Mellby Garage and Mellby Hus (House)

3D Building wanted to create a system for visualizing and calculating complex buildings. With standardized building blocks, the customer can create unique buildings and receive real-time pricing on the current configuration. The system provides the opportunity to create many millions of unique configurations.
Increased customer benefits

The construction of a house or garage varies greatly in price depending on the design and size of the building. Different choices that feel like simple things can have a significant impact on the price of the building. With the 3D configurator, customers can see their building develop and at the same time see what the different choices cost.

VR and AR

Once the customer has created their building in 3D, they can step into the building they have created and experience what it will look like with their phone or 3D glasses. Being able to walk around their future house or garage shows you that you have taken the right design decisions before it is even built. We have also given customers the opportunity to experience, by telephone or pad what the building will look like when it is placed on their property. AR (Augmented Reality) allows you to film your property in camera mode while projecting your building onto the same.

More efficient customer management

With the 3D configurator, the customer builds his own project and receives the price. We work to ensure that the data the customer generates is constantly reused to create quotes, pick lists, production orders, building permits and other documents etc. This reduces the workload for salespeople who can focus on consulting and getting closure in the sales faster. Reusing the generated data without moving information between different systems also minimizes error margins.

3D configurator increases sales

More and more industries are using 3D configuration. It is an effective way to increase the number of inquiries and at the same time spend more time on the business itself. Some companies replace salespeople with the configurator while others make sure to spend the extra time freed up on customer follow-up and focus on getting the deal done. - Our experience is that the number of deals won increases through more quotation requests and an increased hit rate on submitted quotations. Report Tommy Olausson, Sales Manager Mellby Garage and Mellby Hus.

Top quality 3D

It was important that visualization held the highest quality in the market. The visual experience becomes increasingly more important to the consumer. You want to be able to see as realistic product as possible. That is why we have worked with Unity, which is one of the largest platforms on the market and chose to place a lot of focus on graphics and the visual part without resulting in a slow and choppy system.

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We help companies through 3D, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) increase their sales, deliver more effective support and education. We understand your company's challenges and what drives business. As a customer you get a 3D supplier that does not shoot from the hip but really delivers benefits.
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