No matter what kind of challenge you have, our goal is to develop a product that delivers real usefulness.

We want to get to know your business first to ensure the most efficient solution possible. We ensure this through a proven process.
  1. The challenge 
    We are happy to meet you to see if 3D can be the right solution for your challenge. We start from your premises and show relevant examples of solutions for similar tasks. We collect information in order to make a quote. We do this for free.
  2. The Offer
    Based on our first meeting, we create a solution for your challenge and prepare a detailed quote with a project schedule. We will be happy to visit you and present the quotation where we can discuss details. We do this for free.
  3. Start-up meeting 
    In order for the project to become really good and to move on according to the set schedule, we meet for a start-up meeting. Here we put together the project team that often contains one or more key people in your organization. You have a lot of knowledge to use in the project to be able to create a really good product.
  4. Partial deliveries
    The project is always divided into sub-deliveries so that we can get your input for each delivered step. This means that you are constantly in control of the project’s development and can control quality in several steps.
  5. Final delivery 
    We deliver the finished product and together we go through the product and ensure that you are satisfied with our delivery. We train a person with you as the principal responsible for the product.
  6. Support
    You have access to personal support under a support agreement.
Send us an e-mail if you like to know more!