Why use 3D visualization?

Combine standard components into a unique product - visualize and get real time pricing.
Unique to each customer

3D Building develops and offers solutions by combining product parts in 3D into a customer unique system.

Latest 3D technology

Our system is based on the latest 3D technology and can deliver top class graphics. The price of the finished product is delivered in real time to the customer or the seller.

Experience the product

Our system enables the customer to experience your product through VR with VR glasses or by phone and tablet. The system also supports AR (Augmented reality by placing the product in the environment via mobile or tablet).

Effective sales tool

3D Configurator is a very effective tool for increasing your sales by being able to manage more customers, increasing the customer experience and reducing the margin of error.

Let us contact you

Are you ready for a quote on your 3D configurator or wondering if your product can be suitable for a 3D configurator? Fill in the details below and we will contact you, or call us on +46 322-20 01 91 and we will assist you further