Let your technicians solve technical problems with your customers by video link with AR technology.

Virtual Technical Support provides the opportunity to connect with a technician in another location (for example at the customer site, at a production facility or in the field).

The technician can get visual help via AR glasses, smartphone or tablet where you can guide the technician through advanced technical measures. Draw explanations that appear on the screen that the technician sees while you are talking to each other. For example, draw a circle around a panel or screw to be adjusted and the technician sees it in real time during your call.

With VR glasses you can even get a hologram of a complicated machine part floating in the air in front of the technician where you show and instruct. Today, the technology is used in several different industries to reduce the times and costs of sending experts to the customer to fix a problem.

Fill in your details and we will contact you and show examples of how other industries use the technology.